Sleep Training, New-born Care and Childcare

Hi, I'm Clare

Founder, Owner & Sole Employee of Clarey Poppins.

I’m based on the Essex/Herts border. Since 2009 I have also worked in the NHS within Paediatrics and Maternity. I’m proud mummy to 4 children… my greatest education and achievement to date. I would describe myself as a friendly, professional and realistic juggling act, striving to balance family life with my work. 


I started Clarey Poppins in 2017, after having dabbled in childcare and healthcare since the birth of my 1st child in 2001. My experiences of parenting, sleep deprivation and everything baby and child related leading me to train and then work in specific support services for clients in my own and their homes. My client base is varied from high profile to your classic 2.4 family who live around the corner from me. All my clients receive a personal, current and relevant service. I pride myself on my reputation so will always strive for the best outcomes for my families and maintain long term relationships after I’ve played my part in their journey. 



What parents have to say

Cannot recommend Clare enough. My little girl stopped sleeping at around 5 months and would wake up at least every hour through the night. We called Clare desperate for some advice but also a little bit sceptical but it was honestly the best thing we’ve done! Clare came round the next evening and within 3/4 days my daughter was sleeping through the night. 10 days later and she is going to bed at 6 pm and sleeping through to 7 am!!! I feel like I can function again with more sleep and my daughter is sleeping and eating better than ever! 

Amy Louise Donovan